Monday, November 5, 2012


Last night I attended the All Souls Procession, a local Tucson event and celebrated nowhere else in the world. The Procession is a cherished Tucson tradition, dating back to 1990. It a time when worlds come together and the dead are remembered and celebrated. In Tucson it is a very public spectacle involving about 35,000 people either walking in the a mile and a half long procession route or watching. Cumulating in the fiery consumption of the urn; the vessel carrying the hopes, prayers, and well wishes inscribed on a piece of paper and dropped into the urn by people during its journey along the route.

This year I went early and lurked around the staging area, shooting photos of the event unfolding. In past years, I have participated and that required me being at my sister’s house 2 hours early for a face painting and get your costume right party. We would then all head down to the Processional route and join in with the mass of people carrying signs, moving to the drums and raising the roof as we went under the 4th Ave underpass.

It was such a different experience this year. I was on my own, and didn’t need to worry about loosing someone of our party in the crowd, or where we would meet at the finale. I just meandered about; drifting to what ever caught my eye. With the sun still high enough in the sky to afford good light, I was able to capture a number of images, non-blurry, before the event even started.

Face painting booth

The urn,a beast this year comprised of interlocking metal panels, and the takio drum that follows

Float for the seed library

Individual costume. There's a person in there!

Carried by individuals walking along side.

Another float. 

A float remembering the maker's Mom.

I'm going to break this post up over the next couple of days due to the amount of photos I would like to share. Next will be photos of participants - I believe.

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