Monday, May 31, 2010


Texas Rangers in their full glory.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Rumors are flying today the we may actually get thunderstorms soon. I find it hard to believe, but just the notion had me thinking of my favorite time of year - monsoons, with the incredible storms and stunning sunsets. Woot!

PS: This photo was taken by the point and shoot method (well a little more went into it than that, like there was a lot of point and shot that resulted in mostly photos of black sky 'cuz I wasn't fast enough) meaning: the camera was not on a tripod and the timed exposure setting was not used.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I have been fairly successful keeping up with the photo for the day on the cult blog. Mainly because with the number of greyhound photos I have in the archives, there is a constant source of material. I thought to parlay the concept over to this blog as well. Not the dog photos, just the photo for the day thing. So for the maiden voyage in this test run: a remembrance from the recent trip to Phoenix. The abundance of flowers in my father's subdivision drove me to distraction. Apparently I didn't look too threatening so no one called the police on the crazy woman stalking the shrubs.


As mentioned before, I have been doing pet photography for Seize the Leash, dog trainers extraordinaire. Last Thursday, I shot photos of their new behavior training class “tiny tyrants”, a class for the little tiny dogs. As per usual I shot many, many photos. Here’s the thing…when I am shooting photos, I will sometimes know when I get a really good shot, even without reviewing the photo while on site. Everything just feels right. (Granted sometimes I am thoroughly surprised when looking through images and there’s an outstanding photo that I didn’t think much about when taking it. I can think of a few that has happened with, the picture in the masthead being one.)

But anyway, back to the tiny terrors training class. I got at least a dozen really good shots during the class and ran home to take a look at them on the computer screen. I downloaded them to the hard drive, worked with the girls on ‘yes’ (which I learned during class), fed them and myself dinner and returned to the office to work. I cleaned up the desk, deleted the photos off the scan disk, put the cameras away, and started going over the photos. And that would be when I realized I hadn’t actually downloaded the photos to the computer. Yup, I deleted every last one of them and didn’t transfer them first to the computer. The good news was the girls care enough about me to come in and check on me when I beat my head against the computer desk and used “no” as a new mantra and practiced the pronunciation of many 4 letter words.

So it is with great pride that I say the photos from today’s training session have remained unscathed through the transfer process. In celebration, I am posting some of them; in part for your viewing pleasure, but mostly to assist in the continuation of my gloating over today’s conquering of technology and the unnecessary destruction of evidence.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


So if you follow my other blog you’ve recently noticed some faux greyhounds gracing the pages. They give a hint of what we have been up to over at the Backcountry offices when not putting in time at Aerolite Meteorites. My latest gig, photos for Seize the Leash, dog behavior trainers. It started innocently enough when my dogs began to learn appropriate pack behavior with other breeds of dogs while running the fence with their well behaved, model citizen canines. One thing led to another and I have a whole new set of dogs to shoot photos of! So here are some of the pictures from the training classes. And also, check out the Seize the Leash web site and blog for some of my latest images. ‘Cuz who can resist cute dog photos?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Aside from the gaping at the people, businesses, and buildings and wishing I could try out a fire escape just once (yes even with my fear of heights) I also stop and stared at the myriad of entryways to the buildings. So different than Tucson.

It is a good thing those New Yorkers were quick on their feet. They managed to narrowly miss me each time I came to a dead stop directly in front of their speed walking path when something caught my eye. As I set each shot up, wishing I had a ladder for a little more height or more room to get the right angle, I wondered what was behind those doors. None of them opened while I was shooting the photos so I could get a peek inside. Leaving me to create the stories, answer the questions, all by my self.


So I have been extremely remiss in posting on this blog. I’ve been spending my time posting over at the Cult blog; hanging out with the cool kids behind the school, or at the dog park, as it were.

Though I’ve been busy, there hasn’t been much new news from the Backcountry offices. I have been mostly working at Aerolite Meteorites. (perhaps you have heard Meteorite Men has been picked up for a second season!) We are trying to get things together enough that Geoff can be gone for extended periods of time and the business can still function. In fact if you swing on over to the site, to this link in particular you will behold a thing of beauty…a new web page (with meteorites available for under $200) featuring product photography by me. Tah Dah.

Anyway, between working and playing with the dogs, I managed to sneak in a bit of traveling. As seen in my previous post, I was in New York for a few days! Though the trip was work related, I was able to squeeze in some photography time. And whoa boy did I have fun. I will admit I was a little obsessed with the fire escapes and outdoor markets.