Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hello All,

You are receiving this email because you have bought something from me, thought of buying something from me, stopped by my booth at a show and chatted, or are friends and family. Please let me know if you wish to be removed from this list. Thanks.


Well some of you may be thinking to yourselves, “that Suzanne, she’s been mighty quiet with the emails, blogging, facebook and phone calls lately”. You would be correct (and rather observant). Yes, I did drop off the face of the technological world for the past week while traveling again with the Meteorite Men TV show crew as the production assistant and location photographer. We were in an area with no internet access and poor (at best) cell phone reception. When I did get reception it was because I was facing north while standing on the wall in front of the hotel with my right arm at a 45 degree angle and balancing on my left leg. And I had to be holding something disk shaped – a satellite dish worked best. OK so that bit is a little exaggerated; sometimes I could face northwest.

But anywho…I had a great time, yet again, and took many, many photos. Again. The shoot was extended, so I just returned home yesterday to pick up my girls from the most hospitable and gracious couple one could hope to know. They watched my 3 hounds for an entire week. Which placed the number of greyhounds with the potential to get into trouble at their home to 6. Mine, of course, were the instigators and encouraged their 3 to get into things they wouldn’t normally do. There they were hanging out behind the garage, scarfing dog biscuits, rolling snacky treats, betting cans of wet dog food on the ponies. I believe there was even a black market trade of one stuffed squeaky toy for 5 bully sticks. It was ugly.

But anyway…back to the point of the newsletter. I was gone and now I’m back and I have a show this weekend to invite you all to. I will be participating in the Big Brother Big Sister Annual Fair-A-Flair at Plaza Palomino (Ft Lowell and Swan) this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the 30th – 1st. Hours are 10am – 5 pm.

It is a huge show with hundreds of talented artists. A portion of the proceeds go to the BBBS program. So I expect to see you there and carrying bags containing purchases; even if the items are not from me, (though, of course, that would be best).

I have new fine art prints to choose from AND a new line of cards. That’s right, just in time for Christmas, birthdays, and the ‘missing-you’ card you have been meaning to send. It is the greyhound line. No not the bus, the dog breed. As you know, I have been shooting photos of greyhounds for a while. What you may not know is that I have incredible amounts of photos that when printed and attached to a piece of heavy weight card stock make spectacular cards that your friends and family will be honored to receive. In fact, you should carefully consider the number of individuals you will be sending them to so you are not faced with answering the question “are they card worthy” if you don’t have enough: as one of my friends does.

That’s all the new information I am going to spring on you in this newsletter. For now I am going to sign off with one last bit for you, your newest desktop photo. I was going to send out a photo of greyhounds to mark the launching of my new line of cards. Then I opened the door this morning to take the girls for their daily walk and was hit with air so cold, my lungs froze. Froze I tell you. I could feel the crystals starting to form with each breath. I had to check to be sure I was in Tucson. I thought for a moment I might have been teleported to Flagstaff. Nope, tiny white and green house, gravel drive, broken mailbox (Lisa’s to blame for that. Though in her defense, it was a big U-Haul). Yup, Tucson. Hello! What happened to seven shades of hell hot? So I’ve decided to send a photo that captures the cold suffered this morning by this desert rat.

Oh, I’ve added a number of posts to the Backcountry blog and will be soon (that’s a relative ‘soon’) adding the photos of the greyhound cards. Keep checking back.

I hope this finds you well.

Suzanne Morrison
Backcountry Photography

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