Friday, February 4, 2011


Sticking with the cold theme for a photo today. I spent all day yesterday outside in 30 degree windy weather manning our gem show tent, which blew down in the winds the night before. I still haven't warmed up. We haven't seen temperatures like this since around 1910.

Tucson actually has had some problems due to the cold. The eastern portion of town had the natural gas, how many of us heat our homes, turned off. Apparently our supply of gas comes from Texas and they are using quite a bit at the moment to combat the low temperatures. We are using higher than normal amounts as well and there is not enough pressure in the line to supply the 14,000 homes on the east side of town that are now without gas, and as a result, heat.

We have also had water pipes burst all over town. Schools have been closed due to the lack of heat and water flooding through the building. Driving home last night saw me splashing through running water coming out of the neighborhood school. As I was wrapping my exposed outside pipes, the next door neighbors were out trying to repair their ruptured pipes.

Thank goodness temperatures will begin to climb today.


  1. That's a beautiful shot!

    That sounds like some wicked weather to be without heat and water in! I hope it warms up for all of us soon!

  2. Well, in the words of half the nation, Come on Spring! Its been a long winter for sure. Keep warm and safe.