Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have just survived the 2011 Tucson gem and mineral shows. 3 weeks of pure madness. Good madness, but madness nonetheless. This year my place of employment, Aerolite Meteorites, had two different vendor locations, which spread us a little thin, and I spent most of my time working. Therefore, I didn't get to take nearly as many photos as I usually do, but thankfully, did still manage to get some decent ones. So, take heed now and notice of fair warning...there are going to be many photos in the next few weeks featuring scenes from the show.

For those who have never attended - it is the largest gem and mineral show in the world. Over 2 dozen different venues filled with gems, minerals, rough, cabs, jewelry, fossils, art and, of course, meteorites. It is not possible to comprehend the enormity of the show if you have not seen it. Imagine a large hotel with every room filled with rocks and people from all over the world. In one room, Jade from China. The next, Sugilite from Russia. Banded Iron, Mookaite and Prehnite from Australia. Across the hall, fossil fish from Wyoming. The end of the corridor, Moldavite from the Czech Republic. With each room in between filled with a new wonder. Now imagine 15 different hotels and 23 other locations; buildings, gigantic tents, parking lots filled with tent cities, all over the city. That is the gem show.

A cacophony of different languages. Distinctive styles of dress. Smells of worldwide native foods. It is a world market in our little home town.

It is overwhelming.


Something I look forward to every year and am sad to see go.

Good bye friends, visitors, vendors, tents, rocks, minerals, amethyst cathedrals, beads, sparklies, and semis loaded with material. I will see you all next year. For now, I will have to be content with the photos and the memories.


  1. I think it would be really cool to see! My mom and stepdad have a lot of gems and mineral things that they've collected, but I don't think they've ever gone to the show.

  2. the gem show sounds amazing...the most gems, shells, rocks, meteorites and fossils I've ever seen in one room was in a little store in Bristol New Hampshire at Newfound Lake called The Rock was great and one of my favorite places... 3 weeks of gem & rock madness sounds good to me!