Sunday, April 14, 2013


I have a new addiction and it's serious. My sister is to blame, though I have a few other friends who have contributed. Bad sister.


Whoa boy.

I have to admit was a little bored with shooting photos in my home town of Tucson. There's only so many times you can shoot the city, especially for a fine art photographer who prefers nature shots. And just how many ways can you take a photo of a saguaro for a fine art print for sale? I think I was spoiled by all the travel doing location photography for the Meteorite Men.

My sister started harassing me about Instagram this summer. I finally caved and downloaded the ap a few months ago. Things haven't been the same. I am doing much more urban photography, for one. I didn't do much as I was looking for those nature shots for the fine art photography prints, though I love architecture. It doesn't sell all that well compared to the cute bee in the flower.

And the editing options - ooooo! I typically don't do a lot of editing on my photos. Not even to adjust colors. (Except the greyhound photos, as we have discussed before.) One, I'm not good at it and two, I like to see if I can get the image right during the shoot. I am having more fun with IG editing than I thought was possible.

And finally the square format. A whole new challenge. Makes you reassess how you shoot the scene. No more taking up the full frame.

So to sum up .... FUN.

I've been going out and exploring most every day and have amassed a plethora of new photos. I haven't been updating the blog, because I've been playing on IG. Thought I would change that. These are a couple of my IG images.

This water tower is on the way to San Xavier Mission.

The shift board at the Copper Queen Mine, Bisbee.

San Xavier Mission. (Yes, that's right a black and white photo from me, not too many of those floating around.)

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