Friday, July 24, 2009

Unexpected Detour

The next morning we were stunned during checkout when the new waitress at the register responded to my inquiry of the check out procedures by holding out her hand for the keys and saying ‘thank you for staying with us’. The Lodge was quirky, the room small, the shower the size of a phone booth and we loved every minute of it.

I had told Lisa about the school house and since we were running a bit early (I know … more shock and amazement) we decided to take a small detour so she could peer in windows as well. When we were leaving the site I noticed a small sign on the side of the road – “goat milk cheese and fudge” and read it to Lisa. It was one of the most spectacular U-turns I have ever seen executed. Lisa knows how to handle that truck. We played scavenger hunt for the blue signs and were rewarded in the end by one large sign with arrows pointing down a drive. A glance at the clock - 7 AM - we held our breath that the farm was open to the public so early in the morning. To our delight, we were greeted warmly and welcomed though not officially open.

The morning’s milking was underway. Stolen glances in the open doorway showed two goats on metal platforms hooked up to a very uncomfortable looking suction torture device, I flashed to thoughts of Westly in the Princess Bride on the Machine. Continuing the movie related theme, I quietly commented to Lisa the goat tethered near the door next in line for milking, reminded me of the tethered snacky treat goat in Jurassic Park waiting for the T-Rex to come out of the woods.

Apparently not torture

We were invited into the store to pick out our goat milk purchases, Lisa went straight for the cheese and yogurt while I went for the chocolate fudge. We were then invited on a tour of the facility to see how the process was undertaken. I now know what curds and whey actually is, one obscure nursery rhyme reference solved.

Curds and Whey

We were also invited into the torture device room we had glanced in when we first arrived. Both goats we had seen earlier happily munching on their morning breakfast while the pumps automatically milked them. The goats were switched out while we were there with the T-Rex goat running in, leaping on the platform and begging to be strapped in. The explanation – ‘they like their breakfast’, which they get once the milking begins.


As we were preparing to leave, the gentleman running the pumps asked if we had ever milked a goat before, in response to our negative replies he invited us to try our hand, so to speak.

Torture device

So…I milked a goat. As did Lisa. And knowing how competitive I am some of you will appreciate how difficult it is for me to admit she was far better at it than I.

Lisa tries her hand at milking...

If you are in the Strawberry area, please stop in to the Fossil Creek Creamery, they are located at 10379 W Fossil Creed Rd, 3.5 miles west of the Strawberry Lodge, 928-476-5178 and their web site is They were accommodating, patient, welcoming to Lisa and me. And…the food…I can’t describe how good the fudge was.

Checking out the city folk

A few hundred photos, one package of cheese, a yogurt, a box of fudge, and a whole new experience later we were on our way to the show for the last day.

Stay tuned for part 3 in the Strawberry/Pine saga…

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