Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's Still a Bug

About 2 months ago I actually got out for some exercise and met my sister for an evening walk around Reid Park. While on our walk the clouds glowing in the setting rays of the sun were broken up by the outline of the mature trees in the park. I was lamenting that I didn’t have my camera - never thought I would end up with such a great photo opportunity in central Tucson while on an exercise lap around the city park. So last week I finally found a few stolen moments and went back to the Park to see what I could find. I ended up down by one of the ponds and found a wealth of wildlife. Between the ducks, falcons, song birds, butterflies, dragonflies and flowers I had more to shoot than I had daylight. It was an unexpected and delightful surprise. I went back today for more photos; on the search for different types of dragonflies than I captured last week. No such luck, rather than what seemed like hundreds of dragonflies flittering all around, there were about 3. Those 3 were not the least bit interested in holding still for me or letting me get close.

Some of the dragonfly photos are slated to become fine art prints and will be sold in a 3-photo frame as well as separately. (Like how the bee photos are arranged (For those of you who have yet to see the bee photos, you’re missing out so I will post them soon)) in the triple frame.

These photos are available as fine art prints…I can print from a 4 x 6 to over a 20 x 30 photo and ship them as just the photo, mounted on foam core or matted so email me to with any questions.







The grip
Delicate balance

As big as my head

These photos are available as stock photography…

And these photos are available as free desktops....

Now for the typical disclaimers…my fine art prints are not enhanced in any way: no staging, no Photoshop, only an occasional crop. However, these photos have been reduced in both size and quality for posting to this blog. Please remember all photos are copyright Backcountry Photography, all rights reserved and may not be used without my express written permission. Thanks and enjoy.

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