Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So I have been extremely remiss in posting on this blog. I’ve been spending my time posting over at the Cult blog; hanging out with the cool kids behind the school, or at the dog park, as it were.

Though I’ve been busy, there hasn’t been much new news from the Backcountry offices. I have been mostly working at Aerolite Meteorites. (perhaps you have heard Meteorite Men has been picked up for a second season!) We are trying to get things together enough that Geoff can be gone for extended periods of time and the business can still function. In fact if you swing on over to the site, to this link in particular http://www.aerolite.org/buy-a-meteorite.htm you will behold a thing of beauty…a new web page (with meteorites available for under $200) featuring product photography by me. Tah Dah.

Anyway, between working and playing with the dogs, I managed to sneak in a bit of traveling. As seen in my previous post, I was in New York for a few days! Though the trip was work related, I was able to squeeze in some photography time. And whoa boy did I have fun. I will admit I was a little obsessed with the fire escapes and outdoor markets.

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