Friday, January 15, 2010

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in 2 years. More specifically meeting, for the second time, their 2 year old girl, Ella. (the first time I met her, she just looked up fuzzily from her swaddling clothes). To cap it all off we went to the Tucson zoo (the last time I was there I think I was in swaddling clothes.). Ella’s viewing habits reminded me of my father’s impatience in a museum. Stop, look, and… next exhibit please. I never once dreamed a 2 year old would leave me torn between chasing after her rapidly disappearing backside and trailing Mom and watching the giraffe stretching out to reach the leaves of the mesquite trees overhanging the pen. She displayed a ruthless efficiency and decisiveness in her travels through the zoo that I wish I had when sorting through photos; it would cut down on hours in front of the computer. An added benefit to the speed of the visit was that I had less time to shoot photos, so there were fewer photos to sort through this time. As you can tell by the predominance of the giraffe photos, they were my favorite. All of these are available for note cards and prints.

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