Sunday, January 17, 2010

WHERE'S BACKCOUNTRY? (Not nearly as catchy as Where's Waldo, hmmmm)

Hi there :) this post is all about where the Backcountry Photography photos can be seen as of late. With links!

I’ve been busy with getting ready for the gem show: working for Geoff Notkin of Aerolite Meteorites and the TV show Meteorite Men, doing the photography for articles written by Lisa Marie in this year’s Tucson EZ Guide, and providing photos for the Denver, Quartzsite and Tucson EZ Guides. (cover and interior pages)

Check out the guides:

Now up - Backcountry Photography photos on the front page of the Science Channel website! Meteorite Men is about to kick off its first season so promos are on the front page of the Science Channel.

And, when you go to the Meteorite Men page there are more of my photos. I traveled with the crew on 4 location shoots; Tucson, Odessa, West, and Gold Basin. Most of the photos from those locations were taken by me! Check out the flash banner and photo gallery.

Mr. Meteorite, Ruben Garcia, was on location at the West, Texas Meteorite Men shoot. You can see some of my photos on his website: Thanks Ruben for the photo credit.

Also, take a look at Geoff Notkin’s science blog, The Logical Lizard on the Tucson Citizen online newspaper. “Meet the Logical Lizard at Flandrau’s Science Café tonight.”.

And for the biggest surprise in the Backcountry Photography world – I was the videographer for the teaser/interview for Geoff’s speaking engagement for Flandrau Science Café: “From Fallen Stars to Media Stars”. Just to answer the question I know you want to ask – yes, that was done in one take; hence the wobbly camera work as my arms started to shake from holding the camera up for so long.

Check out my product photography on Aerolite Meteorite’s site for the new fall Buzzard Coulee.

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